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WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so here you go. An excerpt from late in the book: one of Grace’s past lives, fourteen-year-old Sophie, is treated for Dementia Praecox–or what we now call Schizophrenia–in1902 France. But is she really ill?

Go away. Please go away. I stare at the ceiling, an unwitting audience to the spirits that flock to me now. I wipe a stray tear of frustration that races down my cheek toward my hairline as I lay in bed. My hands are mercifully free, as I’m supervised by the good Doctor for the moment.

Sophie, says Dr. Poireier, do you speak to someone else now?

It is difficult at these times to listen when I’m being spoken to. The voices of the living are often drowned out by those of the dead.The living speak to hear themselves, I have come to believe. The dead are just desperate to be heard.

I give up, and call for Noel.

This Noel, tell me… the Doctor’s words blend into the spirits’ din, and I wait for the needle to come.

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WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Theres blood everywhere. How could so much blood be coming from such small cuts? One hand covers one wrist, trying to stop the life that gushes out of me in a barely noticeable rhythm, but this just leaves the other one unattended. My efforts are useless. Im weakening by the second, each moment limping by as slowly as I seem to be moving now. But it doesnt matter how fast Im moving. Im still moving. Am I moving?

And I realize then匈 did this to myself.

His laugh is a private echo in my ears as my eyes fly open, wet. Instinct carries my left arm up to wipe the tears away, but horror at the thought that it might come back smeared with blood pins it back to my side. I cant be sure if its the sensation of tears sliding down the side of my face and into my hair, or the time it takes to happen, but after a few seconds Im awake and aware that it was just a nightmare.

The lack of real, physical danger does nothing to quell the feeling of fear left behind. This will drive me madif it hasnt already. I assumed that those Id been before had just been weak willed in their dealings with Noel, but am beginning to think that the fear of what would happen if they didnt give in to his request had eventually made them all bat shit crazy enough to do whatever he asked. I wonder if it will ever end, and I cant stop crying.

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WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

So when I began this most recent foray into blogging, I was a writer lost, wandering in the vast emptiness of the Valley of安ell, nothing. I had no ideas, nothing to work on. It was sad, really. A writer without a WIP is not a pleasant person to hang out with. While Im thinking back on that bleak period, thanks to all who listened to me whine about not having anything to write.

As you may have guessed (or not, bitch I dont know your life!), the fog lifted a couple of months ago and the powers that be decided Id been tortured enough with that whole lack of ideas thing, and my current WIP began to spew forth with wild abandon. Ok that sounds gross, but I promise, the story is actually pretty decent. And because of this, Im excited to announce that Write Something Wednesday will hence forth be known as WIP Wednesday, when I will regale you all with little teasing tastes of the Young Adult novel Im slaving over. Hope you enjoy!

Notes: I will likely keep these Wednesday postings to a max of twice per month, since my goal isnt to have the novel become a serial blog type thingamajig. The excerpts will not even be in any real order (this first one is coming from Chapter 10, in fact), and dont expect context, lol. Its also important to note that the excerpts in these posts will be largely unedited, first draft quality snippets. If youre expecting a fully polished and finished product, youre barking up the wrong writers leg ;)

A sob bounds out of me, and I realize that Im back in my own bed as I open my eyes.

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