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Cover Reveal: The Last Three Words

Cover Reveal: The Last Three Words

Are you all excited? Are ya are ya are ya?

Okay, so maybe I’ve been watching too much MLP with my four-year-old and have begun to channel Pinkie Pie, but I can’t help but be excited. The cover art for my novella came in and I lurve it so hard. It’s simple and striking and just yum.

Anyway, click the “read more” to view, and praise be to the team at Evernight Teen and Sour Cherry Designs :)

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Blurb: The Last Three Words

Blurb: The Last Three Words

How about some back cover copy this morning?

Seventeen-year-old Christian Marx never belonged anywhere but with his best friend Maye. Life with her beats the hell out of the dingy apartment he shares with his neglectful mother. Mom may be blood, but Maye and her little sister Rowe are family. Life would be perfect if only Maye loved him the way he loved her.

Last night, she did. Today, she’s dead–a tragic accident no one could have predicted.

With Maye gone, it’s up to those she left behind to figure out how to move on. Only one person can drag Christian away from the ledge. Only one person can save Maye’s sister Rowe from making a huge mistake. Sometimes the only way to un-break yourself is to fix someone else.

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So a Writer Walks Into a Bar…

So a Writer Walks Into a Bar…

…and orders a magnum of champagne* because SHE SIGNED A PUBLISHING CONTRACT!

That’s right, the little novella that was pretty much publisher Kryptonite for the longest time has found a home! Evernight Teen, Evernight Publishing’s fairly new YA imprint, was crazy enough to take my hot mess of a story on, and they want YOU to read it when it comes out in October.

Don’t make them come after you.

* Except not, because I can’t afford to go to a bar. Actual celebration may include a box of wine and a bacon cheeseburger.


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